Ham Radio Information

Amateur or “Ham” Radio is a fascinating activity that attracts people from all parts of society.
Newcomers are often surprised to learn that the hobby is much more than just tube radios and Morse code keys… modern hams can utilize a wide selection of cutting-edge modern technologies.
Licensed amateur radio operators can relay signals through satellites, speak to astronauts on the International Space Station, bounce signals off the moon and even meteor trails.  The Internet allows us to route digital communication around the world and remotely control radio equipment. GPS enabled systems permit real-time tracking and information sharing. New on-air digital modes have enabled   communication below the noise threshold when the signal is not even audible.
When disaster strikes and phone and cellular networks are down, amateurs retain the ability to communicate, and are often the first contacts out of stricken areas.
To learn more about this exciting activity explore the following links, or contact this club. 





International Space Station, Nasa

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