Month: January 2014

January 2014 Repeater Update

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*UPDATE* The repeater access tone is now 77 Hz.   VA7XJ


The 2m repeater is back to  100 Hz tone for access.

(It was previously set to 67 Hz for testing).

Here is a summary of  the latest modification:

Changed the access tone from 67 Hz back to 100 Hz.  This will enable the IRLP node again…

Changed the CW ID trigger to activate only when a carrier and tone are received.  The CW ID should now only transmit if there has been “legitimate” repeater use during the previous 15 min interval.

 Disabled the courtesy beep.  

Increased RF power output.  Increased the transmit radio output to 15w (measured at the antenna output connector on the duplexer).

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