Month: July 2012

July 2012 Update

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from John Powell VE7CUU

The new RPTR installed on May 07/2012 started self tripping intermittently upon xmit with a repeating audio component on the carrier. On July 24 and 25/2012 VE7ECU, VE7NTD and VE7CUU went to try to find the problem. At first it appeared to be the unused 5/8 ant. But the problem after removing the 5/8 started again. With the duplexer and ID out of the circuit the problem continued. As VE7QRW noted he rcvs some broard noise around 147.060 when VE7SQR is xmting at his QTH. It is hard to see our 8 watts of RF starting self regenerating carrier in combination with the high level Mnt FM carrier external to the RPTR package, perhaps at a rusty connection on site. Another afterthought is the fan cooling mosfet may be oscillating under certain conditions. Further visits are required to resolve the problem. Another note, the old RPTR had a problem also perhaps reinforcing the theory the problem is external the the RPTR package.
VE7CUU JULY 26/2012